UNION LEGAL—your exclusive lawyer referral service firm

Union Legal is a lawyer referral firm looking to connect both individuals and companies with top notch attorneys in their geographic location that are looking for an attorney in a variety of areas of law 

Union Legal was founded in 2016 to assist those who are looking for a quality attorney. Union Legal is actively working to create a nationwide network that can help people and companies connect with an experienced lawyer in their area.

How Union Legal Can Help

Union Legal strives to connect the public and corporate entities (big or small) with an attorney in their area that can provide excellent legal work.  Legal Union carefully selects the attorneys in their network and ensures that all attorneys carry malpractice insurance, have at least 3 years experience in their specific area of expertise and have had no 10-year discipline history with their respective state bar.

Legal Union currently has an affiliate in the state of Florida that we can connect you with immediately for all of your legal needs.  Legal Union is scheduled to partner with many more affiliates nationwide.

If you or someone you know needs an attorney, call us directly at (UNION LEGAL PHONE NUMBER)

Court Admissions of our Attorneys:

Florida State Courts
Southern District of Florida


Professional Organizations that our Attorneys are Associated with:

Miami-Dade County Bar Association
Cuban American Bar Association (CABA)

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